The Trouble I’ve Seen

21 05 2008

I’m in for 21 days, or so my attorney says.  3 Little GirlsI overheard him telling some little girls who poked their fingers through the fence: He’s not for taking home yet.

Certainly, as my representative, he wouldn’t allow me to be adopted out.  Mustn’t my Contessa sign for such a thing?  Signing my way to denmarkAnd, why would she?  It was not her idea to send me here.  In fact, she’s the one who hired the suit to protect me.  So far, the suit has turned out to be immaterial.

No reduced sentence; no privilege; no treats.

It’s penance, I expect.  I’ve been reduced to recalling the particular gluey flavor of the postman’s hand when thinking on the usual afternoon biscuit that never comes.  Soon, all I see when I dream of treats is the postman’s finger slipping through the mail slot , hand dressed in finger puppet “dogbones”.give a dog a bone

The image is doing nothing toward repentance, I might add.  What is incarceration good for if not for ruth?repent sinner





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