The Comforts of Home

19 05 2008

Did I mention that there are few amenities in the pound?  pound puppyOn the surface, this might seem to be obvious, but there are certain things to which we, as dogs, have become accustomed. 

From the time we saw advantage in approaching man as he sat around the miracle of that first fire, dogs have enjoyed various rewards: Treats, shelter, and a kind hand have followed us ever since.

No dog ever followed man into the pound.  Concrete floors without the pleasure of even a narrow blade of grass shooting from a crackDesert Island; a morning devoid of treats; the only walk is around the circumference of the chain-link that hold us.  No wonder human prisoners will take their tin cup and rattle it along the fenceTin Cup.  Any noise is better than the howl of a lonesome dog.Howl

I have a bed at home, cold and tidy.  My Contessa ordered it from the keyboard on her computer. she whispered as she types the site.  The image of sitting upon her lap and letting my eyes wander across the myriad possibilities of a god nights sleep is now but a memory.  The rag in my cell is thin and rank.

My attorney is visiting this afternoon.  suits with military dress shoesPerhaps if I invite him to curl upon this hoax of a cushion, just try it once, he might work harder for my release.  As it is, the discomfort only prompts nasty dreams of that fickle postman whose hand I nipped, and that’s no way to make amends.

The Finger FamilyFingers slipping beyond the boundary of the mail slot will forevermore inspire me to retribution.




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