The Mail Game

11 05 2008

Did I mention I have no affinity what-so-ever for anyone who delivers anything to the door?The postmanPlease Mr. Postman

You may wonder why this is such a common bond between dogs.  Odd, you say, that dogs, who generally love man, so, too, can turn their affection on a dime and bite the uniformed hand that might just be delivering exotic treats.Unfortunate Delivery Boy Kyoto

As with everything, the reason is in the details.  It’s not what’s delivered so much as it’s the delivery itself: often rough and noisy, very much like someone trying to break through the door.  cat burgler.jpg

How is a small dog, or a large one for that matter, supposed to know the difference?  To bark and snarl the intruder away is much preferable to waiting to see whether the subject breaks through the door, non e vero?No Burglers Squircle

At any rate, I am trying to justify my biting of the postman yesterday.  The jury is out, but I know charges have been filed because the Count opened a letter this morning and read it aloud in the cucina, eyeing me with a sour gaze as I sat at his feet waiting for my morning biscuit.The Weight of Frontier Justice

I am to be quarantined until they judge me disease free.  May I just say, any illness I may carry is no doubt a direct result of the taste of flesh I sampled, and not the cause. 

Though the tongue may be tainted, my paws are clean.Paws cleaned - ready for diner! Pfoten geputzt - Abendbrooooot!





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