The Worm Turns

1 05 2008

Spring!  The Pincio park is covered with the miracle of tiny flowers Pushing towards Springpushing their way up through dark soilWhite and Yellow and my muzzle is covered with dirt.

The spring worm is turning once again.  willy the earthwormLight, earthy and with a hint of grit, like an unfiltered Chianti, they slip down my throat with ease.

And the mining required to find them is an added perk, for digging is the true avocation of any dog.  Dog digging holeDog diggingdigger dogThe precision involved is in avoiding the new flowers.  Return to your people with so much as a young petal on your tongue and cries spew forth as though a fine piece of undergarment had been tattered. 

It is a delicate operation removing the worm from the base of a new bud without harm to the spring color,   but well worth the trouble.  For the worn encapsulates all things of doggish dreams: it's a worm dayslim, filth, writhe and odor, heady after-taste,

the feeling of conquering heroConstantine - By This Sign, Conquer

….champion of the garden of Roman gods.Pincio Gardens, Rome, Italy Chow.



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