Have a Heart

16 03 2008

Most domesticated animals have “big hearts”. 

 I heart you

Whether it is innate, or it is brought about by a close association with humans, I don’t know.  What I DO know is that when I am in close proximity to my people I feel safer and I feel happier.  A warm, fuzzy notion of love grabs me tight: It’s the canine version of a heart attack. 

My heart feels so big that sometimes I think it might burst.


Which brings me to the definition of “big-hearted”, and an interesting tidbit of fact. 


Secretariat was as great a race horse as they come.  A Triple Crown winner though his jockey said once that he never had to ask that horse for anything.  The horse seemed to run on his own as though being pushed by something greater. 

And now, the fact:  Secretariat’s heart weighed twenty-two pounds,  over double the normal Thoroughbred heart of nine pounds.

So, dogs and horses share a common thread: a big heart, for valor, for courage, and for love…no doubt, of man.a boy and his dog

latte art, latte heart





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