Keep Your Eye on the Treat

5 03 2008

Today, it’s pouring in Rome.

Raining in Rome

Drizzle is foreign here.  The clouds don’t weep, they squeeze out like sponges and great sheets of water pound the earth.  In certain places around the city, runoff rolls down the cobblestones like a country stream.  Drains clog with the buildup of litter and streets flood.

For a small dog caught in a storm this is panic.  A minor nuisance to the population, four inches of rushing water can be a mortal threat to smaller creatures.  Yet, there is a double-edge to the problematic drains: If they are blocked, the water rises; If they are blocked, I cannot be swept into the enormous sewer that is the underworld of the city.


Reflections in Rain in RomeIt rains; even on Emperors...DSC03168_ps_bw001


I always swim with the current.  It’s actually a great way to see the city.  Most people have sought shelter and the streets are vacant, except for various rats with a look of surprise on their pinched little faces, and me.

When the rush of water subsides and the waters calm, I float.  Easy for a short-legged dog of large girth.  Fat rises to the top…like cream.  The pounds I’ve become in the process of digesting the happiness of fine food–my lifesaver.

Think of it this way: Keeping one’s eye on the treat always pays off. 




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29 09 2008
Vampire Black Cat

My rain in Rom photo ;o)

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