Just Wondering

1 03 2008

SPRING IN ROMESpring seems to have broken here in Rome, and with it, the weather.  Up on the Pincio, the grass is glossy and warm in the sunlight.  It begs to be rolled upon.  But any good roll always comes with wonder.  In that upside down place, life is different and I am face-blind.  I have to wonder.

And I wonder about everything.  I think it’s principally what dogs do.  

I wonder if the cupboard below the sink will magically open and allow the treats to roll my way.  Sometimes I sit and watch for hours. 

I hear a noise on the roof and wonder if the squirrels are back.  Steps on the sidewalk.  Is that the postman at the door?  The cat is asleep–again–again

Sleeping CatsHow do cats ever get anything done? 

It’s been a good ten minutes since there’s been a human in the house.  Will my people ever come home?  I am alone.  Is there food in the house?  I am always hungry.  Where is the food? 

My wondering is often circular: Will the cupboard below the sink open and allow the treats to roll my way….

I don’t think humans take the time to wonder like this.  It seems to me that they simply brush what is, off, like it’s a transient flea.  They scratch the itch and go on. Stray Dogs (plus a few fleas!) on Beach in Kerala

Without wonder.




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